Dynamite Dynamic Pricing: Experts Share Booms & Busts with the Current Landscape’s Technologies & Tactics

February 16, 2022

Dynamite Dynamic Pricing

A Virtual Meeting of HSMAI North and South Carolinas.

The advent of dynamic pricing practices for revenue managers had evolved over the years but was put to the ultimate test when 2020 jumbled historical demand and traveler patterns for destination, seasonality, stay length and property type.

Join us for a participatory session with three experts sharing their perspectives on new dynamic pricing practices and calling attention to the gaps in systems and strategies that make up a revenue managers toolkit in dynamic pricing practices.

Parallel consideration will be drawn to the correlation between labor shortages and intense demand for rebound travel, the hybridization of transient, mid and long-term stays, blended lodging types between hotel, apartments, resorts and short term rentals and practices that are sustainable and responsible under the conditions whether temporary trends or permanent shifts. 

We will also discuss:

  • Best Practices in Demand Based Pricing
  • Review a variety of examples in various markets
  • The long term impact on guest experience and reputation from high demand meets labor and supply shortages
  • Strategies to shift some of that demand to off peak or need periods.

Please bring your questions! This promises to be a great conversation! 


Thank you to our esteemed panelists:

Heather Richer

Heather is currently Partner at Richer Logic Consulting and Board Member of the Association for Short-Term Rental Homeowners(ASTRHO), and also has served on the HSMAI Revenue Management Advisory Board.  

She served as CMO of Red Awning most recently, and prior to that, she served as VP, Revenue and Distribution at Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants.

Trevor Stuart-Hill 

Trevor Stuart-Hill is the founder and president of Revenue Matters.

He co-authored the first college-level textbook on revenue management and was a founding member of the HSMAI Revenue Management Advisory Board.

Patrick Matheson

Patrick has been in the Revenue Management field for over 15years, with experience in independents and brands, from urban hotels to complex resorts. 

He is currently the Regional Director of Revenue for Hyatt Hotels, with oversight of the Latin American and Caribbean hotels, as well as the domestic residence portfolio. 

These dynamic hotels and resorts encapsulate what he loves most, a challenge which invokes all facets of marketing and revenue management.

Julia Lane Napolski

Our Moderator and VP Education, HSMAI South Carolina Chapter:

Julia Lane is proud as a South Carolina native, to have worked extensively in the accommodations and travel tech segment, as well as greater hospitality, tourism and real estate and as principal of her firm, Parlay Vous since 2017.

Resource Focus Website
Air DNA STR https://www.airdna.com
Travel Click / Access 360 Hotel; Access 360˚ brings in some STR w. Transparent’s data https://www.amadeus-hospitality.com/
Key Data Dashboard STR/ Destination Quorum *included with Wheelhouse use https://www.keydatadashboard.com/
Price Labs STR Market data product (affordable) https://pricelabs.co/signin
Kalibri Labs Hotel demand and other segments, investment, etc. https://www.kalibrilabs.com/
Transparent STR- acquired by OTA Insight for combined source - March ‘22 https://seetransparent.com/en/
PredictHQ Omni-segment demand forecasting https://www.predicthq.com/
ForwardKeys Limited Air/ destination https://forwardkeys.com/

*Not comprehensive list, want to keep expanding, but here is what was referenced on the webinar by Heather, Patrick and Trevor

Others: STR, Google Travel Insights, OTA Insight, Wheelhouse, Revenue Matters comp product

No items found.
February 16, 2022
2:00 pm
3:00 pm
2PM Eastern Zoom Meeting of HSMAI North and South Carolinas.